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Philately is the King of Hobbies. This Website is an effort to introduce various treasure hoards of this king to philatelist friends in pursuit of their hobby of collecting and organizing Indian philatelic material. It has an Exotic Gallery and Gateway to Indian Philately presenting its various Facets and Checklists including creative philately useful to philatelists. Apart from regular features and facets of Philately, Exhibits and Creative Philately presented here, are two decorative and charismatic ornamental jewelry of this invaluable Philately-treasure. Exhibits including Virtual Exhibits will enable those who are collecting on similar subjects as a reference material. While Creative Philately will show the creativity, efforts, understanding and vision of the philatelist in making such self fulfilling Creative Philately. The Site is dedicated to promote, share and encourage study of Indian Philately by providing information on different aspects.

A Brief about Author

Praful K.Thakkar, I.A.S. (Retd.) is an ardent collector of autographs, stamps, FDCs, coins, medals, tokens, badges, badge plates, etc. since last more than 50 years. 'Share the Knowledge & Spread the Knowledge' is the motto of his life. As I.A.S. officer he has served the Government of Gujarat for more than 31 years. Even after retirement he has still continued this hobby of philately and he firmly believes 'Hobby is for Health & Hobby is for Happiness'.

The hobby of Philatelic collection has given him new energy and enthusiasm. For him any such hobby is a worship that keeps him pure, fit and healthy. People have hobbies for happiness and harvesting profit in future. For him it is for keeping good health too. He lives in the hobby and hobby lives in him.To him the passion for this hobby is a source of happiness. And therefore, the symbolic slogan for this website is 'Living with Hobby is Living in Happiness'. He tries to share his knowledge, experience and happiness with all the collectors by presenting this gallery.

Gallery of Indian Philately - A View from his Window

This Website is presenting some facets of Indian Philately viewed by him from his window. As a collector of various collectibles, he has faced many difficulties in collecting, understanding and arranging the collection. At the same time he realized that the same may be happening to new collectors and they might be facing similar hurdles too. To overcome such situations and to encourage philatelists and hobbyists, he has made the attempt of launching this Website.




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