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Label : Any stamp-like adhesive that is not a postage stamp.

Laid Paper : When held to the light, the paper shows alternate light and dark crossed lines.

Line Pairs (LP) : Most coil stamp rolls prior to 1891 feature a line of ink (known as a "joint line") printed between two stamps at various intervals, caused by two or more curved plates around the printing cylinder.

Line perforation : Perforation of a sheet of stamps by a single line or row of holes - the simplest form of perforation.

Liner : The backing paper for self-adhesive stamps.

Loupe : A magnifying glass used to examine details of stamps more closely.

Line-engraving : The process of making a stamp design on metal plates using a series of lines to form the design in steel or copper plate. Pioneered by Perkins & Bacon, Printers. The image is cut in to a steel or copper plate to create a 'Master' Die in reverse, then the plate is hardened which is then impressed onto a softer metal plate or roller. The roller is then hardened and the design again transferred onto a thin plate that will form the printing plate.

Line Perf : Line perforations is where each horizontal or vertical line of perforations is formed.

Lithography : The process of printing from a flat plate.

Local : A stamp whose use is limited to a particular area within a country.

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